Be(e) the Hero and start Royal Jelly production with your bees

How to be(e) a hero in the times of COVID-19?

What can we as beekeepers do to create added value and benefit our families during times of increase Pandemics such as COVID-19, allergy seasons, flu-season, and so on? The obvious answer is to start mass-producing royal jelly within our beehives. Royal jelly boosts the immune system and is a great preventive against COVID-19 and other infections.

Additionally, the production of royal jelly in the U.S. is limited, hence a mass production leads to a profitable beekeeping income. For example, an efficient beekeeper can produce more than 70 grams (2.5 oz.) or royal jelly per beehive during one month of the beekeeping season.

Medobar offers a unique opportunity. Invest in our education program and we will teach you how to successfully produce and harvest royal jelly with our innovative, customized, and hands-on mentoring royal jelly production program.

The outcome of this program assures successful royal jelly production, which can become your additional revenue driver or the core of your business. In addition to producing royal jelly for your personal and your family use and benefit.

Fill the form if you are interested to master Royal Jelly production this season. Don’t wait, we have limited number of participants and we are starting soon!

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