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We bring bees and people together

Our main goal is to make beekeeping accessible, easy, and comfortable for beginners. Our technology provides easy and hands-on learning for all those who want to start beekeeping. Working together we can save the bees and increase our overall knowledge about bees and beekeeping.

Education for everyone

We provide free and paid online courses. Our classes include: 1) basic overview of beekeeping, 2) best methods and tools to start beekeeping, 3) and advanced topics i.e. royal jelly production.

Hardware and Software

Over the last ten years, we have been developing a platform that keeps track of bees and honey production. Our platform solution enables you to start beekeeping and keep your bees alive without difficulty. All you need is to follow the instructions from our App.

One-stop-shop for beekeeping

Our final goal is to make the beekeeping supplies and accessories easily available through for each type of beekeeper, i.e. new, experienced, or professional.

Medobar LLC is a U.S. based company founded after the incubation process provided by the U.S. Department of State’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) program. We are grateful for the opportunities given to us and we hope that our service will be recognized as win-win-win-win-win (environment, bees, beekeepers, consumers, and company) solution.

The company, as it is, has emerged through the constructive feedback and guidance of GIST members as well as various subject matter experts, investors, beekeepers, and passionate individuals who care about the environment and sustainable world.

After all, we are excited to empower one of the most diverse groups of people – the beekeepers – and share our knowledge with the next generations.

Medobar team

Suvad Lelo

Suvad Lelo

PhD, Full Professor
Mirza Tihic

Mirza Tihic

PhD, Business development
Emir Memisevic

Emir Memisevic

Beekeeper and programmer

What others say

You did extensive research around the problem and successfully identified the niche for Changemaking. The solution created is innovative, implementable and scalable, with well-designed technology tools and data collection method. You did a good job showing Medobar's commercial value for people, who gain better products, and environmental value for harmony between bees and humans.

Benfang Li North America & Oceania Network Manager @ Ashoka
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