How to start beekeeping for beginners 101 online course

To start beekeeping the most important requirement is a desire to start. Of course, you will also need a place where you will keep your bees, and then you are ready to set up your hive and order bees. In these initial steps, we can help you to choose the right place – to maximize results and to choose the right hive – to make it easy for you. Also, within a short amount of time, we can teach you everything you need to be a successful beekeeper. For this purpose, we designed the “Beekeeping overview course” that will walk you through all important steps of becoming a successful beekeeper.

There is a lot of people who would love to start beekeeping, yet they don’t know where and how to start. Our answer is: start right here! Sign up for our FREE online course and learn the basics of beekeeping. Through our live sessions, you will have the opportunity to see first hand what it looks like to be a beekeeper. Unlike many other beekeeping courses, in our course, you will be able to ask questions during our live session and get answers and potential demonstrations based on your questions.

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