Royal Jelly Production Course

Royal Jelly Production Course


The royal jelly production course

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Course on royal jelly production. This course is hands-on and it will walk you through the entire process of royal jelly production. During course you will start your own production and get mentorship throughout the whole season.

Time consumes 30 minutes a week for the webinar and 1-2 hours a week every third day for production.

Requirements: You need to have at least one beehive, access to the internet, and access to the camera as you will need to send pictures regularly for customized instructions on your production. Duration of two to four months.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Does taking royal jelly from the bees harm the bees' survival chances?

A: Not at all, producing royal jelly can even help your bees for two reasons:

1) Producing it at the right time will suppress instinct for swarming, and the queen bee will be present in the hive the entire time.

2) When there is no (or low) nectar flow production in the hive, the royal jelly production will have positive effects as the colony must be stimulative fed. The colony will continue to develop and when nectar flow becomes high we will stop the production and remove frames with artificial food to prevent contamination of natural honey.

Q: How much time and work is required to produce a pound of royal jelly?

A: It depends on several factors. However, we will share our personal experiences. We work in a team of three individuals. A beekeeper (Emir) and two assistants (two teenage girls). We work 6-8 hours a day every three days and manage 30 to 40 hives a day. Last year in the period between May 22 and June 22, we harvest royal jelly from 33 hives and produce 2,361 grams or 5.2 lbs. Harvesting royal jelly in the late-season gives a little bit lower production, but it is still very profitable.

Also, the production depends on bees’ genetic predisposition and that’s why we get an average of 5.6 grams per hive per harvest (in one day), with a maximum of 9.9 grams. The average of 5.6 grams was calculated based on the production during one entire season (only royal jelly production, without stops).

Q: How much can someone expect to harvest from each hive annually?

A: We expect that on average, anyone should be able to produce at least 50 grams per month with one hive. Depending on your interest and goals, you can produce royal jelly all until mid of August. If you decide to harvest royal jelly the entire season, you should be able to reach a production of 150-250 grams. Results are also directly related to the available pollen in the area.

Q: If you harvest royal jelly from a hive, is that hive dedicated to royal jelly production only, or can you still expect to harvest other things from that hive?

A: Our suggestion is to produce royal jelly in a period when there is no nectar source and when feeding colony will keep bees in good strength. That can be between two nectar sources or before the main nectar source. In that case, royal jelly production generates additional income for the beekeeper. But, if you want to produce the whole season then you can’t count on honey or pollen production from that hive.

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